Microblading is also known as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, or brow micro pigmentation. It is a form of permanent makeup, however it is considered semi-permanent. Microblading is done by using a unique hand instrument with a small row if very fine needles that deposit pigment into the epidermis with slicing, feathering strokes. The pigment is implanted in the Stratum basale, which divides the epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin. There is no machine used for this method. Because color is impacted closer to the surface, the hair strokes appear crisp and very fine. If done correctly, there will not be a block like look of the brow like permanent makeup creates, nor will there be any gray, blue and/or green fading.



The treatment last up to 3 years and will fade out over time, however it is recommended you get a touch-up every 12-18 months for color enhancement. Fading is completely normal as your skin regenerates. Healthier and youthful clients will tend to fade quicker because their skin regenerates faster than someone whose skin has slowed down due to aging.



This is designed to be a gentle procedure with minimal discomfort. The degree of discomfort will depend on several factors, such as if you opt for anesthetics, location of the treatment, and your pain threshold. In the beginning you will feel a scratching feeling while we are marking the shape and design of the brow. A numbing cream is then applied which is absorbed into the skin within a few seconds. Once the cream has absorbed, you will have very little feeling.



Microblading is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results of blading appear natural regardless of the amount of hair present. As we age, our brows seem to fade over time due to excessive waxing, tweezing, etc. Microblading can be the cure. The pigments used are designed to match your original brow color and the hair strokes will blend in resulting in realistic, fuller looking brows.



Who enjoys the daily routine and application of cosmetic makeup? Penciling and drawing on brows everyday gets exhausting. As we age and trends change, the need for fuller and defined brows is even more popular, therefore semi-permanent makeup is an excellent option for women and men.



Free Consultation:

At the consultation, we will discuss the treatment, shape and pigment color.

Full Brow|$400

Service Includes: consultation, selection of design and color, application of hair-stokes, aftercare, and scheduling of the 6-8 week touch up. Past 6-8 weeks, a nominal fee may be charged.

Touch-Up (REQUIRED for finished results)|$200

This service is required for all guest to perfect and complete the eyebrows. After 6-8 weeks of initial appointment. Past 6-8 weeks, a nominal fee may be charged.

3 Month Touch-Up |$125

For guest who feel they need an additional touch-up. This appointment has to be performed within 3 months of the initial appointment.

3-12 month color boost |$175

For clients who feel they need an additional touch-up.  This has to be performed after 3 months from the initial session but before 12 months.

Yearly Touch-Up | Starting at $250

For returning customers, within 12 -18 months of initial session. After 18 months, regular price in effect. 






Any client coming from a different artist is considered a new client, with full prices.


•Pregnancy or nursing
•Diabetic patients
•Skin diseases
•Directly after Botox treatment (after 2 week is allowed)
•Use of Actuate, Isotretinoin or other retinoids (after 6 months is allowed)
•If you have a pacemaker, this manual method can be used, but any machine use is not allowed.
•Very sensitive and pain intolerant
•Sunburn or frostbitten (allowed after symptoms are gone)
•Seborrhea Dermatitis
•Very dry or peeling skin
•Excessive sebum, oily skin
•Problem skin broken capillaries
•Very dry or peeling skin
•Problem skin



• Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before.
• Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energy drinks on the day of treatment.
• If you tint your brows, do it one day prior to treatment
• Do not tan or sunbathe 3 days before treatment.
• No chemical peels, dermabrasion, mesotherapy or any other intense treatments. This will cause skin cells to rejuvenate faster which will result in skin irritation. We recommend any of these to be done 2-3 weeks before microblading.



After care is very important in order to achieve a beautiful and lasting result.

•Wash brows gently morning and night your first and second day. On day 3, no water on brows for 14 days (or until balm is gone).

•Apply Brow Balm generously 3x a day. 

•If brows become dry or itchy, apply more Brow Balm. The goal is no scabbing or flaking.

•Enjoy your showers, but no pools, hot tubs, saunas, lakes etc for 14 days.

•Avoid sweating for 14 days. Sweat can change the pigment color.

•Avoid brow makeup, brow tints, or other facial treatments for 14 days.

•Do not use any other ointments, or creams with vitamins or antibiotics on brows.

•No sunbathing, or tanning for 4 weeks.

•No chemical peels, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, Botox or any other intense treatments for 4 weeks.

 •Do not scratch, touch or sleep on your brows for at least 2 weeks.

•Avoid Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline during your healing period. Anything with a petroleum base can cause a reaction, crusting, scabbing and sweating so the skin is not able to breathe.

 Sometimes residual pigment, blood, white blood cells, etc., can arise from the open wound, if this occurs you should gently dab this away. Don’t panic if dry patches or scabs appear as this can be taken care of in the second touch-up appointment.


We love children, yours and ours. Please be advised that due to liability reasons, we ask that child care is provided away from the salon. If you arrive with children at the salon, we will happily reschedule your appointment.